Best Rental Service Fort Lauderdale FL

     We understand that you occasionally need a higher level of service beyond the traditional service that most rental companies provide. We can accommodate your requests, however, these extra efforts will necessitate an additional charge.
The following is a list of our additional services and prices.

Best Rental Delivers!

Our deliveries and pickups are done during normal business hours and at our convenience.  We are happy to request and time of day, i.e. morning or afternoon, however this is just a request and not a guarantee.  If a specific time is required, the customer will be subject to an additional charge.  We require a minimum 2-hour window for specific time service.  Invoice total includes the rental charge, plus the normal delivery charge plus the specific time charge of $50.  Example: Rental Charge plus $50 delivery fee plus $50 specific time charge.

We are not always available to deliver additions to the order after the delivery has left the warehouse.  A $25 charge will apply for each additional  delivery to a site after the truck has left our warehouse.  This $25 fee is applicable for the local area only.  Management will determine rates for service outside of the local area. Set-up and Breakdown of Equipment

This service must be prearranged. We will setup and breakdown tables and chairs.  Setup charge is $1.00 per tables and $.50 per chair and breakdown is $1.00 per table and $.50 per chair.  Total setup and breakdown of a table is $2.00 and a chairs is $1.00. No linen or tableware setup is available.

Other services include: delivery or pickup from any location other than a ground floor; pickup from an address other than delivery address; service calls; delivering items wrongly returned, or collecting items not returned. These services are priced individually depending on delivery schedules and labor availability. If you have any questions or require unique services, please feel free to give us a call.
The Pantry of Broward, Inc.

Best Rental Service is a community partner with The Pantry of Broward.  The mission of The Pantry is to provide food and support services to seniors in need on low income and to grandparents raising grandchildren. They currently serve 425 seniors and 157 grandkids.  Best Rental Service is a designated permenant drop-off location for your non-perishable food items.  Donations are accepted during normal business hours. To learn more about The Pantry of Broward please visit